THE TANK was the first functional training facility serving the residents of Goderich and surrounding areas.

A unique combination of 3,300 square feet of airy, industrial training space plus Mother Nature, THE TANK is a training playground.

THE TANK is an old-school facility. Our coaches have purposely neglected the glitz found in ordinary, four-walled gyms to develop programs that are rooted in the fundamentals of functional training. If it isn’t straightforward, functional and effective, you won’t find it at THE TANK. There are no mirrors, television sets, treadmills or weight machines; instead we use simple, efficient and timeless tools that include skipping ropes, gymnastics rings, barbells, medicine balls, kettle bells and pull-up bars.

At THE TANK, we prepare ourselves to perform at an optimal level regardless of conditions. In honouring our ancestral foundations we enjoy incorporating the natural environment into our workouts whenever possible. Thus we are more attuned to our planet, as well as hardier, healthier and fitter for our efforts.

At THE TANK we think outside the box and train outside a box (a box is a slang term for a gym). We invite you to make the effort and come play at our unique training ground. Experience how effective our facility, coaching and community are at creating a unique training environment that will keep you safe and motivated, while pushing you beyond your normal limits.

THE TANK is located just south of Goderich on Highway 21 at the Goderich Signal Star Building. Park in the lot behind the Re-Store and enter the door on the left.

The Tank Goderich
120 Huckins St. Unit 3
Goderich, Ontario
N7A 4B6