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ROD 10.31.18


Please come train at a different time – including Fossil Fitness at 5:00 PM.



ROD 10.14.18

Revised Schedule for Monday

I will be attending an Emergency First Aid and CPR training course on Monday. As a result, the BFC (9 AM) class has been canceled on Monday, October 14. Please either come train on in the morning (6, 7, 8) or in the evening (6:15 PM).

The Fossil Fitness Class at 5 PM is a go – Goby will be running the show =)

Sorry for the inconvenience.


ROD Sunday 07.15.18

Schedule Change

I would like to take this opportunity to notify everyone that I have made some changes to the Tank’s schedule. Due to the consistently low attendance on Friday nights, I have eliminated both the Fossil Fitness class (5:00 PM) and the Din Din Class (5:30 PM).

The other change will be to the 4:00 PM Stretch Class on Wednesday. I have cancelled this class temporarily due to a recent lack of attendance. I am trying to figure out a better day and time to have this class. If I can, I will bring this class back in the near future, but for now, the class has been cancelled.

These changes will be in affect as of Monday July 15th, 2018. If you have any confusion or concerns please speak with me at class this week.

Be Well

ROD 06.30.18

Holiday Weekend Hours
Sat – Closed
Sun – MMM (Tank Stretch – powered by kinstretch) at 8 AM
Mon – FF at 8 AM / BFC at 9 AM

ROD 01.16.18



It is my pleasure to announce that Nicole Miller will be offering two free Joga classes this week at THE TANK.

Tuesday January 16@945am
Wednesday January 17@6:30pm

Joga is an athletic brand of yoga that bridges the gap between YOGA & SPORT! Joga speaks to an athletic mind and brings awareness and calmness to the body & mind. Joga is like Yoga only it’s about KEEPING IT TIGHT and working within your limits!!! See the difference in your own training.

Bring a mat! Wear layers for the start of class!

Please visit her face book page for more info and for her contact information.

be well