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Kinstretch is a movement enhancement group class designed to increase your body control, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion.  Increasing your mobility is a prerequisite for enhancing your athletic ability and decreasing your risk of injury while participating in sports or training.

kin_stackedAt a Kinstretch class, you will be meticulously and mindfully lead thru a wide variety of end range movement options to improve your overall movement potential. Participation in Kinstretch creates better articular health, mobility and movement patterns that are needed for the demands of life, sport and training.

So who can benefit from Kinstretch?  From a 13 year old hockey player who needs to bullet proof their shoulders to prevent injuries to a 73 year old grandmother who is trying to avoid knee replacement surgery, I honestly can’t think of a single person who could not benefit from building strength, control and articular resilience.

When: Wednesday at 4:00 PM and Sunday at 8:00 AM

Where: At The Tank =)

Cost: $15 per Class as a drop in fee / FREE if you are a member of Fossil Fitness / 20$ per month if you are a member of our general programming

Contact me at if you want in on the missing link in your training.