IMG_3712The Tank Strength & Conditioning
120 Huckins St. Unit #3
Goderich Ontario.
N7A 4B6

Head south on Highway 21. When you see the McDonalds on your right, resist the urge to pull in and get a burger. Instead, keep going south on 21 until you see Rona on your left. Turn left onto Huckins street, then right onto Mooney Street and then right onto an unpaved driveway. Drive down the pot hole filled dirt road and look for the giant sign that says ” THE TANK ” and then come thru the garage door or the man door.

1 thought on “Location

  1. Genny Moon

    BS: 145×5, 135×5, 125x5x3 (might have been a bit aggressive at the start).
    Metcon (KB swings (orange)/tuck ups): 16:15.
    Fun nooner, just 4 fISH, great to meet Tarpon! 🙂

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