About The Tank

The Tank was the first functional training facility serving the residents of Goderich and surrounding areas.  Our training programs have helped our members get stronger, leaner, faster, more athletic and healthier. At The Tank you’ll be coached every step of the way through our unique and structured workouts that will safely and efficiently help you achieve your unique health and fitness goals.

The Tank offers group and individual sessions, where the coaching, training and programming is centered on cutting edge methodologies. Our training sessions consist of functional movements (like pushups and pullups, deadlifts and squats, running, rowing, and olympic lifting), executed at increasing levels of intensity. Our goal is to teach you how to increase your intensity levels while making sure the workouts you are doing are manageable based on your individual capabilities. Our experience allows us to accommodate different levels of experiences, injury or other limiting factors. Our programs are for anyone, regardless of their age or fitness level.

Our programs are designed to improve your overall fitness, increasing your capability and capacity over a wide range of movements and activities.  Life demands far more than a single type of activity or movement. Therefore, our programming does not concentrate on any single modality, such as running endurance or on power and strength. Instead, we program variety into our workouts to ensure you achieve a high level of general fitness so that you have increased capability of a broader range of movements and activities. This type of training leaves you better prepared for anything that life throws at you, including sports, recreational  activities and physical work.

Our environment is both motivating and supportive.  Our athletic range from competitive athletes to the chronically deconditioned that have decided it is time to make a change, and from teenagers to grandparents in their seventies. The common link between all of our athlets is that they all have made a commitment to undertake the hard work required to achieve their own fitness goals and to celebrate the successes of the other athletes at The Tank.

In short, if you want to improve your  health, increase your real-world performance, or just want to look better naked, The Tank is for you. Say goodbye to the anonymity of commercial gyms and see what you can achieve when you have the full support of our community and coaching.