Tank Teens

Tank Teens is a unique training program designed to develop athletic ability and mental toughness in teenage athletes. My goals for this age group are broad and bold. I hope to encourage the acquisition of skills that extend far beyond the training environment of The Tank and into all aspects of their young lives. Teens enrolled in our program will ..

• be exposed to the various aspects of how to embrace a healthy life style (train, eat, sleep ect.)
• develop the ability to train independently in a group environment
• increase their athletic abilities (strength, conditioning, mobility, etc.)
• experience how hard work leads to achieving goals
• teach them skills to deal with disappointment and failure
• Give them first hand experience that training is essential for maintaining health and being competative in their chosen sport

FullSizeRender copyI feel that teenagers do not need to be isolated into a separate class; forcing them to only interact with their peer group. They get more than enough of that type of isolation at school and when they play sports. In my experience, tossing a bunch of teenage boys and girls into the same class just leads to a poor training environment, frustrated coaches and underdeveloped athletes. What teenagers need is a training environment filled with hard working athletes of all ages that can act as role models. They also require a qualified and experienced coach to ensure that they are moving correctly and receiving the appropriate training stimulus. Individual coaching attention will ensure that they are on track to continually improve their athletic ability and avoid unnecessary training injuries. The depth of understanding required to provide this specific coaching attention can not be acquired from taking a weekend course or dabbling in coaching kids a couple hours a week. I personally coach all teenage athletes at The Tank and my extensive education and coaching experience allows me to say with confidence that I can provide the extra attention that is required to effectively train this age group.

Our Tank Teen program has been instrumental in assisting our athletes in their quest to achieve a high level of success in their chosen sport. With six years of training teens at The Tank, we have an impressive list of athletes that have successfully transferred their hard won athletic gains at the tank to their chosen sport. Our success stories are diverse and include teen girls and boys that have secured substantial post secondary athletic scholarships, won school wide athletic awards and made highly competitive sports teams.

The number of teens that I am able to train in this unique program is kept extremely low to ensure that each athlete gets my full attention. The cost of training is $100 a month. If you are interested please email me at drjameslaithwaite@mac.com and we can get started with a brief meeting and a tour of The Tank.


James Laithwaite PhD, DC