The Gym

The Tank is conveniently located minutes south of Goderich on Highway 21 at the Goderich Signal Star Building. Our training programs take you outside of the cozy controlled environment of a typical gym and drops you into a unique combination of gritty industrial space and the pastoral and challenging gym of mother nature. With 3300 square feet of training space plus access to the great outdoors, THE TANK is literally a training play ground.

THE TANK is an old school strength and conditioning training facility – its gritty, raw and unconventional.  We have created unique strength and conditioning programs that have gone back to the fundamentals of functional training. We’ve purposely neglected to include the glitz, glamour and hype found in a traditional four walled gym. If it isn’t simple, functional and effective, you won’t find it at THE TANK. So there are no mirrors, television sets, treadmills or weight machines. Instead we use simple, effective and timeless strength and conditioning tools that include skipping ropes, gymnastics rings, barbells, medicine balls, kettle bells and pull up bars. In addition, in an attempt to return to our ancestral foundations we attempt to incorporate the natural environment into our workouts whenever possible. So we do our burpees in the snow, we sprint on a dirt trail, we box jump on tree stumps and perform weight lift on the grass.

At THE TANK, we believe that a critical aspect of functional training involves preparing oneself to be able to perform work at an optimum level regardless of the environmental conditions. Life does not grind to a halt because of inclement weather so we purposefully train outside in all four seasons, regardless of the weather conditions. Training in temperatures that range from -30 °C with the wind chill to +40 °C with the humidex and in inclement weather, such as rain, wind, sleet and snow are formidable challenges, but we are hardier, healthier and fitter for our efforts.

At THE TANK we think outside the box and train outside a box (a box is a slang term for a gym). We invite you to make the effort and come play at our unique training facility, and experience how effective our facility, coaching and community are at creating a unique training environment that will keep you safe and motivated, while pushing you beyond your normal limits.